Tuesday, 16 August 2016

In defence of Russia

The Hermitage in the Winter Palace
Baron von Trotta came back from London baffled.

On one hand, the Russian presence in that Babylon keeps growing. The Baron went to a small but notable exhibit in the National Portrait Gallery with wonderful portraits of Mussorgsky, Chekhov, and Gumilyov. 

On the other hand, the British media has made it a national sport to discredit the nation.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

More than three million without a voice

The first Duke of Wellington by Sir Thomas Lawrence

The cruel stubbornness of the Bohemian Goddess in choosing London as her residence, while Baron von Trotta had precisely moved to Prague to be closer to her, has resulted in many trips to the former Workshop of the World.

We will not dwell now in what the Baron thinks about London, that Babylon of all modern Babylons, just in case we are charged something for that pleasure. 

As he himself learnt first-hand when living there, who is tired of London is tired of life and heads back to Dover with an empty wallet...

In one of his last trips, one particularly delightful summer morning the Baron found out that the Goddess had already plans for the day, and he decided to sink his exasperation by paying a visit to Aspley House, the last dwelling of the First Duke of Wellington.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Beauty in Doom

Volterrano's ceiling frescoes

The Baron have had his reasons to remain silent in the Florentine sunset.

As he contemplated the muddy waters of the Arno from the southern parapet of the Ponte Vecchio, he reflected on the last year of his life and his verdict fell unequivocal and courageous: it had been bad, pretty bad, if not the worst.

That afternoon he had been to Santa Croce to see Il Volterrano's frescoes in the Capella Nicollini

A few years ago most cultivated European readers would have understood what this meant: the Sybils that are part of the painted chapel's ceiling shook Stendhal, the French writer, so deeply that since then the expression 
Stendhal's syndrome is used to depict the temporary physical breakdown caused by the contemplation of deep beauty.

Monday, 14 September 2015


Praha is wonderful in autumn, and so was Roma in late august for the Baron.

Already settled in the capital of Bohemia, with the first glimpses of a glorious autumn in the air, the Baron could be happy where it not because the Bohemian Goddess has decided, in an act of independence and utter cruelty, to live in London and not in the Praha of her youth.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Double hysteria

In some Eastern Europe EU countries there is a double hysteria going on:

- The first concerns the media propaganda relentlessly proclaiming the idea that the borders of their countries are pilling up with migrants or refugees that want to take over their cities and societies;

- The second concerns the political biased acceptance of those migrants following criterias of color, religion and cultural background. It's turning very fast into blatant xenophobia. Will it stop with the refugees or will it spread to the refusal of any type of foreign elements?

Monday, 17 August 2015

A temporary silence

Baron von Trotta has decided to accept the invitation of one of his friends to spend some weeks in Rome.

He is pondering a change of residence, and Italy always does him good. The Bohemian goddess has even condescended to join him in this trip.

The Baron will be absent from these pages for some time, but will come back with a renewed spirit, and his well-heeled lucid melancholy.